At Unplugged, we take pride in our approach in designing human-centric User Experiences that enable convenience to our users in fields of life.

The first step of our process is sitting down with our partners and understanding their business needs and the demographics of their target audience and customer base. This is crucial to design an appealing and fluid experience for the users that maximizes the benefit for them and as well as our partners.

Next, design time! At Unplugged, we adopt the Agile methodology in design and development. This means that we design the project over phases, each phase is a design sprint, that is presented to our partners after it is finished. Once approved, this sprint is handed over to our developers, who start their own development sprint, while the designers work on the next phase of the project. This methodology is beneficial for our partners, as they could launch their digital presence very fast, building up anticipation for the upcoming features to be launched in the following phases; and for us, it provides us with constant feedback that enables a lean approach to any required amendments to the delivered work.

And our efforts have come to fruition, as we are happy to announce that we are now featured as one of the Top Website Design Company on DesignRush.

You can also check out our projects portfolio and products, all designed and developed by our amazing team.