I am very proud to announce the launch of one of our latest and most exciting projects at Unplugged, the Mountain View App. Launching in March 2019, the Mountain View App is a convenient, easy to use, elegant and powerful tool filled with versatile features that Mountain View residents, visitors, prospective buyers and others can use to unlock a world of community-related information, products, services, benefits, incredible deals and offers.

We have partnered with a large number of service providers to offer more than 500 services, ready to cater to residents’ every need. Our providers include house help, finishing, laundry, medical care, petcare, mobile phone maintenance, governmental services, roadside assistance and many more.

The App’s smooth UI makes browsing and searching for a simple and informative experience and is also regularly updated, offering users a wider selection with every search.

By fully integrating with Dsquares (the leading loyalty solutions provider in the market), discounts are a few touches away, with the Mountain View App’s Couponz powered feature filled with amazing deals and great prices for the whole family, while the Loyalty 360 feature rewards users with special points they can redeem for gifts and prizes from a wide partner network brought and managed by DSquares.

By integrating with Mountain View’s ERP the App automatically detects and verifies Mountain View residents, providing them with special features and privileges not available to non-owners, including rating system that allows users to rate service levels and their level of satisfaction with the experience, further driving the quality of services across the board and ensuring the highest levels of transparency and fairness within the community.

Visitors have access to a wide selection of Mountain View’s brochures and other informational material on various projects. Those interested in buying can fill out a short ‘Expression of Interest’ form, and are contacted by the Mountain View sales team shortly after to complete the sales process and become a part of the Mountain View community.

Finally, the Mountain View App’s all-new complaint tracking system provides users with the ability to register their complaint, assign it a ticket number and route the complaint through the proper channels. This shortens the time a complaint is responded to and gives users the ability to track its progress at any point in time until it is fully resolved.

Download the Mountain View App now: Android and iOS

I will be attending City Scape Exhibition would definitely love to meetup and discuss any potential collaborations. If you a real estate developer or a potential partner feel free to get in touch, by email at essam@unpluggedweb.com

Copyrighting credit: Ibrahim El Makami