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Connecting buyers and sellers in highly volatile markets.

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Product Brief

Our app bridges the gap between buyers and sellers in the highly volatile and competitive construction materials market by providing them with tools, features and a dedicated loyalty program that drives traffic and subsequently a higher trading volume, creating an optimal balance between supply and demand.


Looking at Egypt’s market, we saw a gap in the construction materials sector that we had the skills and resources to fill, especially in today’s fast-changing market conditions and rapidly fluctuating prices in a booming economy. It is a highly competitive industry where buyers are bound to their suppliers, due mainly to loyalty and long term relationships built on trust.

Product Concept

Product Concept

The app engages buyers and suppliers by bringing them together under one virtual roof full of industry goodies, significantly raising their purchase volumes. The more they buy, the more points they earn, the more rewards they become eligible for. It provides suppliers with analytics and insights that tracks selling patterns, which allows them to “predict the future” and create bundles, offers and packages that increase sales volumes. Alongside regular notifications for industry related events, it also provides users with a visual frame of reference through detailed multimedia based product portfolios that display the product as is. Another exciting and versatile feature is a cost calculator, which allows users to get a fairly accurate initial detailed cost estimate of a project.

Final Experience

We’re looking to revolutionize every industry we can and this seemed like a pretty good place to start! We debuted the app in partnership with LaFarge in 2018, whose vision of transforming their business model to include an online presence is perfectly in sync with ours. Since then, the app successfully converted a significant number of retailers from the competition and raised Lafarge’s sales volumes. Now, we’re wondering which industry we want to revolutionize next.